The Coalition to Advance Alcohol Recovery and Treatment (CAART) is a group of donors united to help improve treatment options, elevate awareness, and facilitate access to recovery from alcohol addiction. By pooling funds in a collaborative philanthropy model, coalition members tackle big issues and effect systemic change.

    CAART’s objectives include:

    • Hastening the development of new medications and interventions for alcohol addiction
    • Conducting public awareness campaigns on how to connect to effective treatment and plan recovery
    • Addressing obstacles that hinder people from accessing treatment

    With private funding in the addiction space far below that of other major health conditions, CAART stands to play a pivotal role in supporting advancements that positively impact those seeking recovery from alcohol use disorder.

    Benefits of coalition membership include:

    • Achieving greater return on investment through pooling funds
    • Eliminating unnecessary competition and duplicated effort
    • Gaining access to PGDF’s established capabilities in effective grantmaking and rigorous proposal review
    • Providing input at all stages of proposal selection
    • Receiving a full report on outcomes at the conclusion of each grant cycle

    To join or to learn more about CAART, please contact Chief Development Officer Jana Olslund.





    Since PGDF was founded in 2014, our online Treatment Guide has been an important part of what we do. We are now working to develop it further by creating a printed recovery planning guide. We will ultimately migrate our existing guide to a separate website and will be adding new resources.

    Why are we calling it Bootstrap Recovery? To “pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps” is a metaphor for succeeding using only one’s own resources. While any recovery plan will involve help from others, by “bootstrapping” recovery, we hope to give those seeking help with their alcohol use the resources to assemble a variety of supports— a recovery toolkit. We hope to empower them to address issues with alcohol on their own terms, increasing chances for success.

    We will announce publication of the guide and unveil the new website when work is complete.