News about opioids and other drugs often makes headlines, but what about progress for those with alcohol use disorder? In our quarterly series, we scour the news for the latest in science; law, policy and best practice; and opinion and culture related to alcohol use, and we present the links to you for your convenience. We hope you find it useful!


35-year study explores generational differences in problem drinking

Acupuncture helps alcoholism symptoms in rats

Abnormal gut bugs tied to worse cognitive performance in vets with PTSD and cirrhosis

Morphometric Biomarkers of Adolescents with Familial Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder

Study examines link between disturbed sleep, intrusive thoughts, and alcohol problems among veterans

Predicting risk for alcohol use disorder using longitudinal data with multimodal biomarkers and family history: A machine learning study

McLean Hospital: Alcohol Use Disorder and Depressive Disorders

HHS Awards $16 Million to Help Primary Care Practices Address Patients’ Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Consuming alcohol leads to epigenetic changes in brain memory centers

Building on shared experiences: The evaluation of a phone-based parent-to-parent support program for helping parents with their child’s substance misuse

Insomnia tablet being tested for alcohol use disorder treatment in Australia

Behavioral Interactions Between Stress and Alcohol

Adial enters Phase III clinical trials for new AUD drug

Alcohol can change gene activity, triggering cravings

Study identifies pretreatment change trajectories in people seeking treatment for AUD

Toxic gut bacteria make alcohol-triggered liver disease more deadly

Report investigates impact of smoking, alcohol on cerebellum and related cognitive function

FSU Research: Ketamine could help men suffering from alcohol use disorder

What leads to compulsive alcohol use? New experiments into binge drinking provide answers

Inhibiting microRNA-137 may be therapeutic for the treatment of alcohol use disorder



Google adds tools to help people recover from drug, alcohol addiction

New York to offer tax credit for employers that hire people in addiction recovery

Telemedicine for alcohol use disorder covered by Anthem Insurance

Telemedicine platform focuses on alcohol use



We Need Harm Reduction for All Drugs, Not Just Opioids

A ‘Sesame Street’ character’s mom has an addiction. Experts say that’s a valuable lesson.

NY Times: When Teen Drinking Becomes a Disorder