The Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Center on Addiction, the leading science-based nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming how the nation addresses addiction.

This initiative will effectively merge PGDF’s addiction programming with Center on Addiction’s by embedding PGDF Executive Director Elizabeth Cairns at Center on Addiction as Director of External Partnerships. In this role, Cairns will coordinate existing Center on Addiction partnerships, and she will work closely with the organization’s executive staff to identify and pursue new partnerships spanning nonprofit, academic, government, advocacy, and business sectors.

“During PGDF’s recent pivot to public charity status, Center on Addiction emerged as an exciting potential collaborator,” Cairns said. “Their organizational mission aligns extremely well with our own, and their track record of evidence-based addiction work and enhanced capabilities as a large, national organization made them ideal partners. We look forward to uniting our efforts with theirs through a jointly funded strategic partnership initiative.”

One of Center on Addiction’s stated aims is to increase its impact and influence by partnering with other organizations. PGDF’s acumen as a grantmaker will make Cairns a critical asset in this effort. “I see PGDF’s grantmaking as less about writing a check, and more about forming alliances to create progress and help for people with addiction and their families,” said Cairns. “Combining our efforts with Center on Addiction will allow us to continue that work on a larger scale and with more resources.”

A 2019 Mission Grant from PGDF will support this initiative. While PGDF will not be awarding any other new grants for the duration of this initiative, it will remain an independent entity focused on sharing information about alcohol use disorder. PGDF’s online treatment guide and other non-grant work will continue.

“The driving purpose of this initiative will be to identify and support programs and organizations that advance the field of addiction treatment, prevention, and recovery,” stated PGDF Founder and President Peter G. Dodge. “Together, PGDF and Center on Addiction will lift up and scale the best work in the field to help people with addiction and their families get the help they need.”

“We are delighted to work with PGDF to increase our impact as an organization,” stated Center on Addiction CEO Creighton Drury. “Catching addiction early and getting people the care they need are of utmost importance, and we believe these new partnerships will help us do that more effectively.”

About Center on Addiction: Center on Addiction merged with Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in January 2019 and is the nation’s leading science-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming how the nation addresses addiction. We empower families to support loved ones, advance effective addiction care and shape public policies that prevent and treat addiction as a public health issue. Center on Addiction is the only national organization committed to supporting families as they address every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery. For more information, visit

About PGDF: The Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF) is a national nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping people lead lives free from the effects of alcohol addiction. As the only non-governmental funder focused on this issue, PGDF’s work is critical to the health of the 16 million Americans who suffer with the deadly disease of alcohol use disorder. To learn more about the Peter G. Dodge Foundation, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.