PGDF is pleased to announce the launch of a new program, Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPs). This program makes grants of technical assistance hours to national nonprofit partners focused on addiction and recovery, mental health, and wellness. Broadly defined, technical assistance is support that helps nonprofits operate more effectively and strengthens their sustainability by providing specialized skills and services not already resident within the organization.

PGDF Executive Director Elizabeth Cairns will lead the program. "Our four years working closely with Partnership to End Addiction birthed a new, innovative way for us to collaborate with partners. We have always been hands-on and creative in our grantmaking, and this model leverages our expertise and labor as assets we can offer to our grantees. Ultimately, the goal is to reach more of those who are suffering from addiction and serve them as well as we can," Cairns states.

The program will focus on national organizations with whom PGDF has existing relationships at first, and will expand to serve new organizations in the future.

"On PGDF's 10th anniversary, it seems appropriate to expand what we can do and begin a new chapter. We are very excited about the opportunities this model presents, and we look forward to sharing details on our first TAPs grant class soon."

The TAPs program supports national organizations in building and piloting new programs or resources; advancing initiatives that develop humane policies, professional competency, and/or public understanding regarding the disease of addiction; fostering collaboration, issue awareness, and engagement among diverse stakeholders; and applying strategic, practical solutions to fill gaps and dissolve roadblocks in addiction treatment and recovery.

Special areas of interest include strengthening early recovery; focusing on alcohol and polysubstance use; endorsing a holistic view of treatment and recovery that addresses resilience, wellness, and any underlying trauma or co-occurring mental health issues; and cultivating systems and resources that create recovery-friendly environments.

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