Dear Friend,

Chances are, you know someone with alcohol addiction.

Everyone is affected by alcohol addiction, through a friend or family member, one’s own journey, or simply from a public health perspective. An estimated 17 million people in the United States meet criteria for alcohol use disorder (AUD). By anyone’s assessment, that’s an epidemic. Alcohol addiction costs lives, burdens the economy, and shatters families.

The Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF) is the only non-governmental, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting recovery from alcohol use disorder. Our work is focused on surfacing new treatment options, elevating public awareness, and facilitating access to effective treatment and recovery for all who struggle with AUD.

Why is this mission important?


  • Alcohol addiction affects everyone
  • 88,000 people per year die from alcohol-related causes in the U.S.
  • 70% of substance use disorders are alcohol-only
  • Seven times more people die each year from alcohol use disorder than from opioid use disorder
  • Evidence-based solutions exist but are not widely known about or implemented
  • Only 1 in 10 people with AUD currently receive treatment for it
  • More access, more awareness, and more options are badly needed

We are fighting for those who suffer from alcohol addiction, and for their loved ones. We invite you to join us.

Active addiction is painful for everyone involved. By donating to PGDF, you can help families find the support they need to plan and implement their recovery from alcohol addiction.

Why support PGDF?

PGDF has established a reputation as a capable, forward-thinking organization that works with world-class partners to achieve lasting change. In our first five years, we have reached over 100,000 people and achieved significant impact by investing in:

  • Improved screening and referral to treatment
  • Scientific work that opens new areas of inquiry
  • Initiatives that support recovery planning using multiple methods and resources
  • Educating care providers on up-to-date AUD treatment
  • Providing free or reduced-cost services to people with AUD
  • Training leaders in the addiction field in advocacy and best practices
  • Supporting programs that increase public awareness about alcohol addiction

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished, but there is still much more to do. Until every person with AUD has the support they need, we need your help to continue this essential work.

Would you please consider making a donation to PGDF today? You can donate online quickly and easily by visiting

You know someone with alcohol addiction. We are fighting for them. You can help.

On behalf of PGDF and those we serve, thank you very much for your consideration.





Elizabeth Cairns

Executive Director