Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA) is a mutual help group for people with a dual diagnosis, meaning they are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol and they have an emotional or psychiatric illness. The group is non-professional and moderated by peers. It is abstinence-based, and utilizes the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Support for Healing Dual Diagnosis

Dual Recovery Anonymous aims to address the ways in which the combination of chemical dependence and psychiatric illness affects all areas of life. It focuses on preventing relapse and proactively working to improve the affected person’s quality of life.

People who wish to abstain from alcohol and hope to help manage their emotional or psychiatric illness in a healthy and constructive environment.

Dual Recovery Anonymous Facebook page

Find a meeting near you — update: As of February 2015, it looks as though the DRA website may be out of date. Contact them through their Facebook page (link above) if you have any questions.

DualDiagnosis.org offers information on DRA and similar groups

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