Yoga is a technique that combines postures and breathing patterns that help to strengthen the body and spine, calm the mind, promote patience, and increase flexibility. Originating in India, yoga is an ancient form that is now widely practiced around the world. Benefits of yoga include reduced stress, increased strength, flexibility, and circulation, and a feeling of connection between mind and body.

Union Between Mind & Body

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, learning deep breathing techniques can also help a person increase their control of thoughts and emotions. By strengthening the body and learning to redirect negative emotions, yoga can reduce the effects of potential triggers and increase feelings of well-being and peace.

People who are dependent on alcohol often feel disassociated from their bodies. Damage caused to the body by heavy alcohol use—including ‘blackouts’, an extreme example of a mind/ body division– is rationalized and normalized as part of the cycle of alcohol addiction. Yoga’s emphasis on union between mind and body can help heal this division, when used as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Yoga incorporates what is known as ‘mindful movement’, which helps to bring awareness back into the body and empower the individual to pursue a healthier way of life.

Individuals seeking a combination of exercise and meditation that promotes overall well-being, stress reduction, and feelings of harmony.

American Yoga Association (AYA): Information on the different types of yoga and guidance on how to choose a qualified teacher.

Yoga classes can be found locally in health and community centers, fitness centers, and independent yoga studios. Search your local area for class schedules and details.

Online classes:

Developed by a chiropractor, this site provides free online yoga classes with guided instruction (via RealAudio and Streaming Video) including breathing, stretching, relaxation, a yoga workout and chanting.

A paid subscription service that offers practice-at-home yoga classes in a variety of styles.

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